Evolution Array UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Evolution Array UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Evolution Array UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Data Sheet
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Thermo Scientific Evolution Array UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Full Spectrum Data Acquisition

Photodiode array technology allows you to acquire full spectrum UV-Visible data almost instantaneously. Increase efficiency and throughput in:

  • Quality Control and Assurance measurements
  • Pharmaceutical method development and deployment
  • Multi-wavelength kinetics experiments with millisecond resolution
  • Routine to research life science applications
  • Coating and color applications
  • Multi-user analytical and educational laboratories

Clear and Accurate Results

Instant, reliable measurements at an unlimited number of wavelengths accelerates any analysis. Ideal for routine and high-throughput applications in any laboratory, the Evolution Array offers:

  • Wavelength monitoring with automated or manual peak picking options for up to 20 peaks or valleys
  • Customized single and multi-component quantitative methods with the entry of up to 100 standards
  • Convenient pre-defined biological methods for proteins and nucleic acids
  • Acquisition of a full spectrum every 20 milliseconds with UltraKinetics
  • Materials analysis software for film thickness and colour analysis

Accessories For Every Application

A complete line of accessories allows you to customize your Evolution Array for the unique demands of your laboratory. Get more accuracy and productivity from your spectrophotometer:

  • An Automated Referencing Stage eliminates drift from longterm experiments
  • Temperature Control accessories provide accurate and reliable results for kinetics and thermal denaturation assays
  • Transmittance and Reflectance accessories bring

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