Portable / Disposable Viscometer

Portable / Disposable Viscometer

Portable / Disposable Viscometer Data Sheet
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Stony Brook Portable / Disposable Viscometer

The PDV-100 and PDVa-100 Portable/Disposable Viscometers are revolutionary, portable, efficient, alternatives to larger full-featured laboratory viscometers. The PDV-100 and PDVa-100 are simple to use, accurate, low-cost, compact, and lightweight field viscometers that can be taken anywhere to measure the viscosity of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. The PDV-100 and PDVa-100 combine economy, ease of operation, accuracy, reliability, and versatility. High quality of instrument guarantees reliable performance for a long life. Small sample size and temperature control can be accommodated.

The PDV-100 and PDVa-100 Portable/Disposable Viscometers consist of a support stand and a disposable sample tube filled with the liquid of which the viscosity is to be determined. Viscosity of the sample can be determined by measuring the falling time of a controlled needle through a predetermined distance of the fluid held in the sample tube. The falling time is measured automatically (PDVa-100) or manually by a stopwatch (PDV-100).

Key Features

  • Disposable Sample Tube (4.5ml)
  • (can be reused up to 30 times)
  • Measures Absolute Viscosity without Instrument Calibration
  • Field Viscosity Test
  • Inexpensive Non-Newtonian Viscosity Measurements
  • Quick and Easy Viscosity Measurements
  • Inexpensive
  • Automatic Falling Time Measurements to 0.001 second (PDVa-100)


Adhesives, Aerosols, Automobile Fluids, Biomaterials, Coal Slurries, Coatings, Colloids, Cosmetics, Creams, Dairy Products, Detergents, Dispersions, Emulsions, Fertilizers, Foams, Fuels, Gels, Grease, Honey, Inks, Ketchup, Latex, Lubricants, Mayonnaise, Milk, Oils, Ointments, Paints, Petroleum, Polymers, Proteins, Pulp, Resins, Shampoos, Slurries, Soaps, Solutions, Surfactants, Suspensions, Varnish and many more.

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