Sonics VC5020AT Ultrasonic Atomizer

Sonics VC5020AT and VC5040AT Data Sheet
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Sonics VC5020AT and VC5040AT Ultrasonic Atomzers (Nebulizers)

Unlike conventional atomizing nozzles that rely on pressure and high-velocity motion to shear a fluid into small drops, the ultrasonic atomizer uses only low ultrasonic vibrational energy for atomization. The liquid can be dispensed to the atomizing probe (nozzle) by either gravity or a small low-pressure metering pump, and atomize continuously or intermittently.

The ultrasonic power supply converts 50/60 Hz to high frequency electrical energy. This electrical energy is transmitted to the piezoelectric transducer within the converter, where it is changed to mechanical vibrations. The ultrasonic vibrations are intensified by the probe and focused at the tip where the atomization takes place.

  • From microliters to liters continuous or intermittent
  • Dispenses material with virtually no overspray
  • Pressureless atomization low velocity mist
  • Low cost atomizing probe replacement
  • Minimal atmospheric contamination
  • Virtually uncloggable

Typical Applications

  • Coating non-woven fabric, paper, etc.
  • Laboratory spray drying
  • Injecting moisture into a gas stream
  • Applying minute amount of oil, fragrance or flavor onto a product
  • Injecting small volume of reagents into a reactor


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