IlluminatIR™ FT-IR Accessory for Light Microscopy

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IlluminatIR™ FT-IR Accessory for Light Microscopy

The IlluminatIR Infrared Microspectroscopy Accessory brings the power of molecular analysis to light microscopy. This compact, high-performance Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectrometer transforms a commercial light microscope into a versatile infrared microprobe. By interfacing to a modern infinity-corrected microscope, the IlluminatIR creates a system that provides instant molecular information and superior visual quality without compromising any of the microscope's original capabilities. Before the IlluminatIR, molecular analysis of microsamples meant purchasing a specialized infrared microscope and interfacing it to a laboratory FT-IR spectrometer bench. Often, these IR microscopes compromised image quality for spectral analysis. The IlluminatIR overcomes this by interfacing to industry leading light microscopes. Just as EDX expands SEM's capability to do elemental analysis, the IlluminatIR expands your light microscope's capabilities into molecular analysis.

Retain Your Microscope's Full Optical Capability

All your traditional microscopy techniques and options remain fully functional, including:

  • polarized light illumination
  • fluorescence analysis
  • Nomarski Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
  • image analysis
  • superior visual quality

Simple Operation, Rapid Results

Whether your training is in traditional microscopy or spectroscopy, the IlluminatIR gives you the independence to easily and conveniently perform material characterization of samples as small as 10 μm.

See Exactly What You Are Analyzing

The IlluminatIR provides a magnified digital image of the sample seen through both infrared objectives, allowing you to see the exact area of the sample that the infrared beam strikes. An optical element permits continuous viewing of the sample, even during IR data collection. By varying the sample area mask, you ensure that only the area irradiated is analyzed. In this way, you can selectively analyze portions of the sample.

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