IdentifyIR Portable FT-IR Spectrophotometer

Smiths Detection IdentifyIR®

Smiths Detection IdentifyIR® Data Sheet
Click here to view the IdentifyIR® data sheet.

Smiths Detection IdentifyIR® Data Sheet
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Smiths Detection IdentifyIR® Data Sheet
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IdentifyIR® Portable FT-IR Spectrometer

IdentifyIR is a rugged, miniaturized FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared) analysis system that is fast, easy-to- use, and accurate. Designed specifically for tasks performed by organic chemists and chemical engineers, its ChemAssist software takes the mystery out of IR analysis – it is like having a team of IR experts by your side.

IdentifyIR’s small footprint (only 7” x 15”), sturdy all-metal construction, and seal housing makes it ideal for use in the hood or on the bench.

IdentifyIR uses a diamond attenuated total reflection (DATR) sampling interface, which means it can rapidly analyze any solid or liquid sample, including caustic and corrosive materials. The integrated 100x video microscope facilitates both spectral and visual characterization of solid forms. Video images and infrared spectra are linked for rapid screening of polymorphs and solvates.

IdentifyIR and ChemAssist together provide rapid results for faster decision making.

Feature Highlights

  • Near-real-time reaction analysis and unknown identification
  • Easily move from the bench to fume hood, production floor or loading dock
  • Small footprint
  • No sample preparation
  • Results in seconds
  • Simple operation
  • 100x video magnification


ATR Accessory with 38x video magnification and digital force readout

DuraVision provides a 38X video-magnified image of your sample, seen through the diamond ATR element. This enables you to see your sample in contact with the diamond internal reflection element (IRE) at the same time you are collecting ATR spectra. Samples as small as 50 microns are easily positioned, allowing you to see the specific area you’re analyzing and ensuring good contact.

  • 38X video-magnified image of your sample
  • Samples as small as 50 microns are handled with ease
  • See your sample in contact with the diamond
  • Ideal for photo documentation

DuraSampllR™ II

ATR Accessory with torque-limited pressure device

The DuraSamplIR™ II is an in-compartment diamond ATR accessory that optimizes your spectrometer’s analytical versatility by incorporating both ease of use and durability.

Feature Highlights

  • Unique optical design offers exceptional signal to noise
  • Multiple pathlengths capability
  • Upgradeable to flow through, heating, cooling and viewing
  • Alternative crystal configurations are Germanium and Silicon
  • Compatible with all FT-IR spectrometers


ATR FT-IR Spectra Databases; Compound class and Industry Specific Subdivision

  • Ideal tool for rapidly identifying unknown materials
  • Comparing samples analyzed with ATR to ATR Spectral library databases is the most accurate method of library searching
  • Most reliable results
  • Critical to qualifying samples or identifying unknowns

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