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Rudolph Refractometers Data Sheet
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Rudolph Refractometers

Our DR6000 series of Refractometers measure refractive index with high precision, accuracy and reproducibility.

These units are designed for research laboratory and quality control applications. They produce accurate measurements that are not influenced by color or turbidity.

Recognized for their advanced features and superior quality, our refractometers are available in 16 different configurations. They can be customized for various applications in the food, sugar, beverage, chemical, textile, paper, metalworking and petrochemical industries. For unit details please review the table below.

     DR6300T DR6100T DR6200T DR6200
Refractive Index Range 1.33-1.70 1.33-1.70 1.33-1.58 1.33-1.58
Brix Range 0-95% 0-95% 0-95% 0-95%
Resolution nD 0.00001nD 0.0001nD 0.00001nD 0.00001nD
Brix 0.01% 0.1% 0.01% 0.01%
Accuracy nD 0.00002nD 0.0001nD 0.00002nD 0.00002nD
Brix 0.02% 0.1% 0.02% 0.02%
Electronic heating/cooling Built in Peltier
Built in Peltier
Built in Peltier

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