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Rudolph Polarimeters Data Sheet
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Rudolph Polarimeters

Automatic Polarimeters

The DigiPol-DP781 Series of Automatic Polarimeters are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding optical rotation measurements for the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies and research labs.

These leading-edge six wavelength polarimeters rise up to the challenge of today's regulatory environment, ensuring exceptional accuracy, convenience, while satisfying all compliance standards.

Our DigiPol Series is the system of choice for Contract Laboratories that provide independent testing services and Pharma R&D. These units are used to estimate starch and sugar in the foods and beverage industry, to determine sugar content in the sugar industry, and to characterize new chiral compounds in chemical research.

The DigiPol M6U Series a UV/VIS instrument comes standard with all 6 wavelengths, including 589, 546, 436, 405, 365 and 325nm. The system is designed to meet all the measurement requirements for USP,BP,EP and JP across the entire range of +/- 89 with a readout resolution of 0.0005.

The DigiPol TDV is equipped for 589 nm and has the option for manual wavelength change over when needed in routine testing and analysis. It has the same accuracy and readout resolution as the DigiPol M6U series.

A wide range of cells are available for the DigiPol Series, including micro cells for valuable samples as low as 1ml.

Manual Polarimeters

The Sirius 151 Visual Polarimeter is a high precision, cost-effective Manual Polarimeter.

Ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and school laboratories, the Sirius 151's functional design provides exceptional optics, maximum light transfer to sample, in addition to a host of other benefits.

Efficient and convenient to use, this unit enables the user to switch lamps, filters and sample cells, quickly and easily. It comes equipped with a half-shade field allowing for easy field matching and analysis of small bore sample cells.

HP 100 Hand Held Polarimeter

The HP 100 is a leading-edge compact polarimeter designed to measure the optical activity of soluble substances.

This unit is used during the production process in various industries for routine quality control checks. It is proven to minimize the waiting time, when sending check samples to laboratories.

The instrument is easy to use and completely portable with up to 10,000 measurements between charges. Ensuring a measuring accuracy of 0.05 optical rotation, it comes equipped with built-in temperature compensation and displays results for optical rotation or sugar concentration in an easy to understand graphic display. Its built-in infrared interface lets you transfer results to your computer with absolute ease, saving you time and effort.

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