Service Technician

Repair Services

Every product that you purchase is covered by our Standard One Year Warranty, including parts and labour. In some cases, some of our vendors extend the warranty beyond one year, also fully supported by Betatek.

We work with a Canada-Wide team of technicians to provide prompt, ongoing service. Even after your warranty is up, you can count on us to see that service is available for all of the instruments that you have purchased from us.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

A Preventive Maintenance Program can reduce your costs two ways. By scheduling P.M. visits, and because of our reasonable hourly rates, the service charges over the life of your instruments are greatly reduced. In addition, the operational life of your instruments will be extended.

During our technician's visit, your instrument will be inspected, cleaned and if necessary, adjusted. Worn parts will be replaced to ensure ongoing and trouble-free operation. This will also be an opportune time to answer any questions and review proper operating procedure with you and your staff. We can customize this program to your specific needs.

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