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ProSys Sampling Systems Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of sampling and containment equipment to meet the changing requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. ProSys' products include both standard and custom engineered containment solutions.

The philosophy is to contain the hazard at source, minimize cleaning, maximize flexibility and maintain an environment that is safe for all personnel. Their designs have been fully tested and qualified to contain potentially hazardous material to extremely low levels whilst still retaining the flexibility that is required in the production area.

ProSys continuously innovates thru developing our team of system specialists which ensures continuous learning and knowledge management.

Prosys Isolators

Isolators and Gloveboxes

  • Laboratory and Analytical Isolators.
  • Laboratory Small Scale Isolators.
  • Dry Boxes.
  • Encapsulators and Tablet Press Isolators.
  • Sampling and Slurry Charging Gloveboxes.
  • Sterility Testing Isolators.
  • Large Scale Reactor Charging Gloveboxes.
  • Mobile Seed Charging Gloveboxes.
  • Dispensing and Subdivision Gloveboxes.
  • Reactor Charging/Seeding Isolators.
  • Vessel Top Sampling Gloveboxes.
  • Filter Dryer Heel Removal and Discharge Gloveboxes.
  • Solids Drum Filling Systems.
  • Liquid Drum Unloading and Sampling Gloveboxes.
  • In-line Filter Change Gloveboxes.                                                                                                                                

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Downflow Booths

  • Downflow Booths.
  • Universal-5D High Containment Screens.
  • Laminar Flow Booths.                                                                                                                                                                

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Process Samplers

  • Recurculation Top Reactor Sampler.
  • Dip Pipes.
  • Top Vessel Sampler.
  • Screw Auger Sampler.
  • Plug Valve Sampler.
  • Vacuum Sampler.                                                                                                                                                                

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