Constant Temperature Refirigerator

Constant Temperature Refrigerator

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Constant Temperature Refrigerator

Ideal for Vaccine Storage and Biotechnology Storage

Constant temperature refrigerators are guaranteed to maintain the USP-Quality storage conditions specified for 2-8 °C refrigerators. These models are factory set to 5 °C, and the temperature of the air inside the chamber does not get colder than 2 °C or warmer than 8 °C. They stand alone among scientific refrigerators in this regard, because most others have air temperatures that vary from 0-10 °C during the refrigeration cycle. Such temperature swings are not acceptable when storing small volumes of liquid (vaccines, insulin, and other pharmaceuticals) because the thermal weight of the material is too small to dampen the effect of wide temperature variations. Constant Temperature Refrigerators were developed to meet the need for 2-8 °C storage. They can be mapped with temperature sensors throughout and will meet the USP validation requirements.*

Available in 7 sizes designed to fit through standard door frames, each has microprocessor control with digital temperature display for temperature reliability. Some standard features are listed on the chart below, but please request a specification sheet for the model you need. Options such as casters, swage lock for thermocouple entry, solid doors, additional shelves, door locks or solid doors, temperature alarm, chart recorder, RS-232 port, and stainless steel construction are a few of the accessories we offer.

Lab & Chromatography Refrigerators

Classic, simple cabinet design with white or grey powder-coat finish and premium fabrication combine with high quality refrigeration engineering to provide a reliable, long lasting laboratory refrigerator. Chilled air briskly whisks throughout the chamber to maintain temperature at 4 °C, 1 °C measured in liquid at the sensor. Adjustable, fully supported shelves (not the cantilevered type) each hold up to 125 lb. (57 kg) of evenly distributed weight. Laboratory refrigerators are available in 10 sizes and they may be fully accessorized to suit the application and meet the budget. Please look over our accessories sheet to see the long list of options.

Chromatography refrigerators have all the features of laboratory refrigerators, with the addition of two covered access ports and one duplex GFI outlet.

Safety Refrigerators

Flammable liquids such as methanol, acetone, ether, and others should be stored in a safety refrigerator rather than a lab refrigerator to reduce the risk of fire and explosion due to sparks between fluorescent lights/fan motor and the volatile gases these fluids generate. Safety refrigerators have explosion-safe incandescent lights and air circulation fans driven by a rotor from an exterior motor. No electrical source on these models is less than 48 inches off the floor, per OSHA requirements. They are designed for the safe, cold storage of volatile fluids in an OSHA Division II location (non-volatile, non-explosive rooms). Three models are available and most options from the Accessories Sheet may be added to Safety Refrigerators.

Pharmacy & Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerators

Available in seven sizes, pharmacy refrigerators have drawer and shelf combinations to help you organize and reach your pharmaceuticals or research materials. The drawer/shelf arrangements are customer-specified, and fewer or more drawers/shelves can be requested. These models have all the features of our laboratory refrigerators, plus a digital temperature display. Frequently requested options include an A/V hi low temperature alarm with relay, chart recorder, door locks, casters, drawer dividers, pass-thru doors (for clean rooms or IV add rooms), and stainless steel construction. Please look over the accessories sheet for a complete listing.

Click HERE for a complete list of accessories and customizations.

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