Drosophila & Small Insect Chamber

Drosophila Chamber

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Drosophila & Small Insect Chambers

Drosophila and small insect chambers offer a comfortable and controlled environment for raising, breeding, or experimenting with a broad range of insect species. These chambers have a 5-40 °C temperature range, with digital control and display, and high temperature failsafe to protect in the unlikely event of a temperature excursion. Casters, four epoxy coated shelves per door, and coated evaporator coils are standard features. Because different insect species or specific experiments with a species demand differing levels of temperature/humidity/lighting control, four levels of control sophistication are offered:

  • Level 1 - temperature control
  • Level 2 - temperature and light control
  • Level 3 - temperature and light control with additive humidity
  • Level 4 - temperature, light and humidity control

Diurnal Plant Growth or Seed Germination Chambers

Developed with Mother Nature in mind, these chambers offer digitally controlled temperature and lighting day/night cycles to simulate the nurturing environment seeds and plants need for successful growth. The standard models shown below feature clock controlled temperature (hi/low) and lighting (on/off) suitable for studying many plant species. These chambers have a temperature range of 2-50 °C, 1 °C at the sensor, and failsafes may be set to protect plants from freezing or excessive heat. For plants or experiments with more rigorous requirements, many options can be selected from the Accessories Sheet the temperature control can be stepped up to a multi-point ramp and soak microprocessor, the number of lights can be increased (vertically, horizontally, or both), fresh air intake installed, additive RH included, or horizontal air flow ducts added for better temperature uniformity under the lights.

Rodent Incubators

These chambers offer a temperature and lighting controlled environment with 7-15 fresh air exchanges per hour (adjustable) for housing caged rodents. Although pictured with a glass door, these chambers feature solid, lockable doors and stainless steel interior and exterior construction. Chamber temperature is monitored and recorded by a data pack with A/V hi low alarm and chart recorder. Access ports, outlets, an RH meter, and casters are also included. A long list of options allows the individual researcher to tailor the chamber to fit the required parameters.

Protein Crystal Growth Chambers

Protein crystals have been grown in our chambers for over 15 years. The uniform temperature and low vibration environment these models provide allows for optimum crystalline development.

Ten lipped stainless steel trays per door offer 38 or 76 square feet of shelf space, with horizontal air flow across each tray. Microprocessor temperature control combined with horizontal air flow maintains uniformity to 1 °C of set-point. A hi/low alarm monitors chamber temperature and electronic failsafes shut it down to preserve temperature in the rare event of a temperature excursion. These models sit on vibration absorbing pads to isolate them from floor vibrations, and metal to metal contact inside the chamber is also dampened. Options such as a chart recorder, RS- 232 or re-transmits for computer monitoring and recording, solid doors, access ports, lockable Plexiglas control cover, etc. are available.

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