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Powers Scientific, Inc. offers a broad range of environmentally controlled chambers to meet researchers' needs. Temperature, humidity, lighting, air exchange, and vibration are some of the critical parameters their chambers are designed to control. Applications include protein crystal growth, 2-8 °C constant temperature refrigeration, flammable fluids storage, sediment toxicity studies, drosophila growth, mosquito growth, algae growth, seed germination, plant growth, temperature stability testing or temperature and humidity testing for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, rodent housing, IV Add to Pharmacy pass-thru refrigerators, -20 °C stability storage, BOD storage...and much, much more.

Their standard line of chambers comprises under-counter and reach-in sizes from 6 to 106 c.f. capacities. They offer -20 °C freezers, laboratory, chromatography, constant temperature, pharmacy, pass-thru and safety refrigerators, incubators, refrigerated incubators, humidified incubators, plant growth and seed germination chambers, insect and rodent growth chambers, temperature and humidity stability chambers, and photostability chambers. Most chambers can be customized to meet specific needs at reasonable costs.

Constant Temperature Refirigerator


Powers Scientific offers a variety of refrigerators for laboratory, vaccine, biotech an pharmacy applications. Constant temperature refrigerators are ideal for Vaccine Storage and Biotechnology Storage. These refrigerators are guaranteed to maintain the USP-Quality storage conditions specified for 2-8 °C refrigerators.

Chromatography refrigerators have all the features of laboratory refrigerators, with the addition of two covered access ports and one duplex GFI outlet.

Safety Refrigerators are designed for flammable liquids such as methanol, acetone, ether. Pharmacy and Pass-Thru Pharmacy Refrigerators have drawer and shelf combinations to help you organize and reach your pharmaceuticals or research materials.

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-20 Manual Defrost Freezer


Powers Scientific manufactures a range of -20 Manual Defrost Upright Freezers packed with enough cooling power to maintain -20 °C throughout with 2 °C temperature uniformity. a thermally weighted digital thermometer to display the temperature. Options such as interior circulating fan for 0.5 °C uniformity, extra shelves, door lock, hi/low alarm with battery back-up or relay, temperature chart recorder, interior doors, or stainless steel exterior construction are available.

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Powers Scientific makes a diverse array of incubators, including refrigerated and non-Refrigerated Incubators and humidified incubators.

Refrigerated incubators have a temperature range of 2-50 °C, 1 °C in air, measured at the sensor. Applications with temperature requirements of 35-60 °C do not need the refrigeration components on an incubator.

If your research requires warm temperatures, controlled additive humidity (>60% RH), and little or no light - these chambers may meet your needs. With an operating temperature range of 18-50 °C, 1 °C measured at the sensor, and two humidity source options to choose from, these chambers provide the perfect environment for a wide range of uses.

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Drosophila and Small Insect Chamber

Growth Chambers (Drosophila and Insect, Plant and Seed Germination, Rodent, Protein Crystallization)

Powers Scientific is a pioneer in the field of customizing incubators for use as growth chambers.The Drosophila and small insect chambers offer a comfortable and controlled environment for raising, breeding, or experimenting with a broad range of insect species. Diurnal plant growth or seed germination chambers were developed with Mother Nature in mind. These chambers offer digitally controlled temperature and lighting day/night cycles to simulate the nurturing environment seeds and plants need for successful growth.

Rodent Incubators offer a temperature and lighting controlled environment with 7-15 fresh air exchanges per hour (adjustable) for housing caged rodents. Protein crystals have been grown in Powers Scientific chambers for over 15 years. The uniform temperature and low vibration environment these models provide allows for optimum crystalline development.

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Stability Chamber

Stability Chambers

Temperature only or temperature/humidity stability chambers are designed to provide controlled temperature or temperature/humidity environments for shelf life testing of cosmeceutical, nutriceutical and pharmaceutical products and packaging, these chambers offer FDA and ICH compliance at a reasonable price.

Photostability chambers provide high intensity lighting in the 300-700 nm range for pharmaceutical stability studies conducted at constant temperature (25 °C) according to ICH guidelines.

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Under Counter Refrigerator

Under-counter Models: Freezer, Refrigerator, Incubator and Growth Chamber

Powers Scientific makes a variety of pace saving yet spacious under-counter chambers offering 6 cubic feet (170 L) of capacity and up to 9 square feet (.84m2) of shelf space. An instrument panel can be added to either side of the chamber to support an optional alarm or chart recorder, or a wall-mounted data pack is available. A stacking kit can be purchased to save floor space when multiple chambers are needed.

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Powers Scientific offers an extensive range of accessories to allow you to customize your refrigerator, freezer, incubator or chamber.

Included in the range are accessories for enhanced temperature monitoring and control, alarms and data options. You can customize the size, shape and colour of your chamber, add drawers, shelves, lights, casters, vents, ducts, or just about any modification or customization that you can imagine.

The extensive range of accessories and customizations offered includes:

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