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The Kestrel is a small benchtop centrifuge capable of spinning 6 blood tubes at over 3000g. Reliable, compact and easy to use, the Kestrel centrifuge is the perfect addition to any medical environment where a small number of blood tubes need to be processed quickly and efficiently.

The powerful induction drive motor can reach speeds of up to 6000rpm (3340g) whilst creating only 56db of noise output. A range of tubes can be used in the Kestrel centrifuge, from the standard 15ml Vacutainer blood tube to the 10ml Sarstedt Monovette. The Kestrel rotor can also accomodate flat and conical bottomed tubes using innovative shaped rubber cushions placed in the base of each bucket. In addition to this, all Micro Centaur Plus rotors can be used in the Kestrel centrifuge.

The rotor is easy and quick to load using the Allen key provided. The rotor, along with the buckets can be sterilised in an autoclave up to temperatures of 124C.

Incredibly Light and Small

The Kestrel centrifuge weighs only 5 kg meaning you can easily carry it from one laboratory to the next, or use it for off-site research purposes. Furthermore, its small footprint (270 x 220 x 180mm when closed) makes it an ideal choice in laboratories where space is a premium.

Smooth, Quiet Operation

The rotor is designed in such a way to ensure noise and vibration levels are minimised whilst the centrifuge is in operation, even at maximum speed.

Safety Lid Lock

An electronic interlock prevents operation of the lid release button while the rotor is in motion. An indicator light signals when the rotor has come to rest and the lid may be opened safely. For emergency situations such as power failures, an override key is provided.

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