MSE Centaur 2

MSE Centaur 2

MSE Centaur 2 Sheet
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MSE Centaur 2

The Centaur 2 is a rugged, simple yet versatile non-refrigerated bench top centrifuge. It can take a wide range of accessories and is ideally suited for use in clinical, educational and industrial environments. The Centaur 2 has existed in various different formats for over 25 years and so has a proven track record.

Easy to use

Speed setting and reading with the Centaur 2 bench top centrifuge could not be easier. Simply set the timer, adjust the speed and that’s all there is to it. Once the speed has been set, it can been left in the same position for repeated runs. A wide removable bowl facilitates both easy access and cleaning.


There is a wide range of accessories available to run on the Centaur 2. They include 2 swing–out rotors and 2 fixed angle rotors with a wide range of buckets and adaptors to take virtually all tubes from leading manufacturers. In addition, there is a microtitre rotor to encompass the increasing amount of work involving the use of microplates.

Biohazard containment

The Centaur 2 bench top centrifuge features the popular 200ml slotted sealed cups which are designed for the safe containment of potentially hazardous samples such as blood and other body fluids. These sealed cups have been tested and approved for use by CAMR, Porton Down, England.

Safety Features

In common with all other MSE centrifuges, the commitment to safety has been paramount. The Centaur 2 comes with a 5mm thick steel guard ring, a four point burst proof lid fixing, a lid interlock which prevents access to the moving rotor and an out of balance detector which will bring the rotor to rest in the event of a gross imbalance being detected.

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