Microtrac S3500 SI Laser Diffraction Particle Size and Image Analyzer

Microtrac S3500 SI Laser Diffraction Particle Size and Image Analyzer

Microtrac S3500 SI Data Sheet
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Microtrac S3500 SI Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer and Image Analyzer

Two Technologies, One Instruement

The Microtrac S3500 SI incorporates image analysis capability with the long established Microtrac laser diffraction technology. Users of the Microtrac S3500 tri-laser particle size analyzer now have the added advantage of being able to view the sample using state-of-the-art camera technology and imaging software. The sample is dispersed in the Microtrac Sample Delivery Controller (SDC) and circulated through both the image analyzer and the laser diffraction particle size analyzer. The measuring cells for both techniques are separate to ensure the user benefits from world class laser diffraction and image analysis technology.

The TRI-LASER System developed by MICROTRAC allows light scattering measurements from the forward low angle region to al- most the entire angular spectrum (approximately zero to 160 degrees). It does so by a combination of three lasers and two detector arrays, all in fixed positions. The primary laser (on-axis) produces scatter from nearly on-axis to about 60 degrees, detected by a forward array and a high-angle array, both of which have logarithmic spacing of the detector segments. The second laser (off-axis) is positioned to produce scatter beyond 60 degrees which is detected using the same detector arrays. The third laser (off-axis) is positioned to produce backscatter, again using the same detector arrays. This technique effectively multiplies the number of sensors that are available for detection of scattered light.

Microtrac S3500 SI Software

The Microtrac S3500 SI software provides results on particle size by length, width, area, circumference and particle shape. The software also provides for the presentation of data on a wide range of shape properties like aspect ratio, ellipse ratio, compactness, roundness, circularity, concavity and convexity. The data can be exported in either ASCII, Excel or HTML formats. Users can select different report formats. Microtrac S3500 SI Image Analysis Software On passing from the Image Analysis sample cell, the sample moves to the Laser Diffraction sample cell. The flow path of the sample and the architecture of the sample cell ensures that both the Laser Diffraction and Image Analysis measurements use exactly the same sample concentrations and dispersions. There are no compromises on either measurement - Two Technologies.

The main features of Microtrac S3500 SI software are:

Measurement Criteria:

Particle and carrier optical properties such as refractive index and shape are easily programmed for different materials. Sample analysis time, sample ID and data presentation options are easily accessed through the SETUP/SOP icon.

Automatic Measurements:

Automated measurement sequences can be programmed in combination with a selection of sample delivery systems. Levels of automation can be selected by the user.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):

The software facilitates the programming, saving and recall of measurement setups in accordance with standard operating procedures.

Database Management:

Measurements are saved in Microsoft Access Encrypted Database Format. Analyses are easily recalled through a comprehensive search function for either review or comparison.

Export functions:

Data can be automatically or manually exported in either ASCII, excel or HTML formats. The user decides the export destination.

Data Tolerance:

Pass/Fail function is available for quality control applications, providing process managers with the capability to set upper and lower size limitations for material specifications.

Statistical Analysis Package:

Live display of analyses as they are performed providing statistical analysis on an ongoing basis.


Ability to trend individual size parameters over a specific time period or material type.

Report Generation:

Microtrac software provides the user with the ability to design custom reports.

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