Microtrac S3500 Series Particle Size Analyzer with Tri-laser Technology

Microtrac S3500 Series Particle Size Analyzer with Tri-laser Technology

Microtrac S3500 Data Sheet
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Microtrac S3500 Series Particle Size Analyzer with Tri-laser Technology

Since the early 1970's Microtrac has a tradition of delivering innovative solutions in Particle Size Analysis through light scattering technology. The S3500 series is a continuation of that tradition. Utilizing the patented Tri-Laser Technology the S3500 provides accurate, reliable and repeatable particle size information for applications ranging from research and development to production to process and quality control.

The Tri-Laser System uses precise angular measurement of scattered light through a full 180 degree angular range with three lasers and two detector arrays. Analysis of scattered light to determine particle size employs a Mie based unified angular scattering theory from large particle analysis to small particle analysis.

The Microtrac S3500 complies with or exceeds ISO 13320-1 particle size analysis-light diffraction methods.

Main features of the S3500 Particle Size Analyzer:

  • Resolution - The patented Tri–laser, multi detector optical system delivers unsurpassed resolution over the entire measuring range of the instrument.
  • Accuracy - Microtrac S3500 utilizes full Mie scattering analysis for spherical particles. It also applies proprietary Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical materials - the majority of real life materials. This feature is unique to Microtrac!
  • Stability - Optical bench design incorporating fixed detectors and lasers provides a rugged platform for consistently repeatable measurements. The enclosed optical path ensures protection of the optical components leading to little or no operator intervention.
  • Alignment - Laser alignment is fast and automatic. The overall optical bench stability ensures realignment needs are minimal.
  • Range - Measurement capability is from 0.024 to 2800 microns covering most particle size analytical requirements.
  • Detector Activity - Microtrac's proprietary parallel channel integration provides full signal accumulation maximizing accurate signal acquisition.
  • Wet and Dry Measurements - Using a selection of wet and dry sample delivery systems the S3500 can be converted from wet to dry mode in less than 2 minutes.
  • Flexibility - The modular design allows the user selectable configurations based on application requirements. The S3500 system is easily up-gradable to meet future requirements.
  • Automation - Microtrac FLEX software allows programming, saving and recalling of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's). This facilitates increased precision in sample preparation and operation through automated, multi sample accessories.
  • Calibration - Internal uniform light source utilized for testing, calibration verification and recalibrating detector segments.
  • Validation - Full IQ/OQ/PQ support documentation available.
  • Security - Microtrac FLEX software meets or exceeds FDA 21 CFR Part 11 protocols.

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