Microtrac DIA Dynamic Image Analyzer

Microtrac DIA Dynamic Image Analyzer

Microtrac DIA Data Sheet
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Microtrac DIA Dynamic Image Analyzer

Dynamic Image Analysis is one of the most recent and advanced methods for particle characterization, and now becoming widely employed throughout the particulate industries. It employs a light source, lenses, camera and sophisticated software in a powerful computer for collecting digital images and performing millions of calculations on those images in real time.

A CCD or CMOS camera photographs the moving particles, stores the digital image file, and upwards of 25 to 30 different size and shape parameters are then measured and reported by counting the particles' pixels, whose size is known. Dynamic Image Analysis employs a flow system to transport the particles through the beam from a strobe lamp where a lens system and digital camera on the opposite side of the lighted particle stream captures and stores the digital images of the flowing particles.

Various types of dynamic image analyzers either pump a particle suspension or emulsion in a liquid stream through a glass sample cell, while others transport dry particles via a vibrating feeder to a point where they fall vertically through the sensing zone. Microtrac's line of Dynamic Image Analyzers consist of one liquid flow system, the SI model, and two different dry systems - the DIA (3-dimensional analysis) and the DIAF (compressed gas dispersion) models. Users with modest needs (or modest means) will appreciate how Viewtrac software can be coupled with any photo capturing hardware to provide an economically sound instant solution for image analysis.

Why use image analysis as your technology for particle characterization?

  • Store and view a digital image file of every particle measured to observe the true morphology of your materials-one picture is truly worth a thousand words.
  • Obtain as many as 30 different size and shape measurements for every particle in the image file.
  • Learn which morphological parameters actually have a significant effect on the quality of your
  • product, or the efficiency of your process.
  • Obtain all this information on large, statistically valid, samples in just minutes of easily run analysis, independent of any physical or chemical properties.
  • Simply put, Microtrac image analysis will give you much more, and much better, information about your particles than any other imaging systems available today-lowering your costs while improving your product quality.

Our years of experience ensures that we can help you select the best dynamic image analyzer for particle analysis for your needs. Click HERE to arrange a consultation or request more information.

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