Microtrac Aerotrac Particle Size Analyzer

Microtrac Aerotrac Particle Size Analyzer

Microtrac Aerotrac Data Sheet
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Microtrac Aerotrac Particle Size Analyzer

The Microtrac Aerotrac line of particle size analyzers provides users with a simple method of determining Particle or Droplet Size Distributions of Aerosols, Sprays and Dry Powders. Using the well established principles of Laser Light Diffraction the Aerotrac SPR measures materials in user configurable ranges from 0.5 to 2000 microns. The software offers a choice of measurement modes, measurement and scan times as well as automatic measurement triggers.

Laser diffraction light scattering technology

  • 1 mW He-Ne laser wavelength 632.8 nm
  • 32 segment ring detector (with Autofocus)

Wide range of measurement in one instrument

  • 100 mm lens 0.5 to 355 microns (SUPPLIED)
  • 300 mm lens 1.4 to 1000 microns (SUPPLIED)
  • 600 mm lens 2.8 to 2000 microns (Wide-Angle OPTION)

Fast results

  • Measurement Time key trigger 0.3 s / 2 s
  • Measurement Interval Auto-trigger 0.2 to 500 m/s

Superior operation

  • Measurement is started automatically when spray is emitted
  • Innovative software functions
    • Copy graphs & data from measurement screen to paste in other applications
    • Graph changes in particle size over time
    • Compare data runs to standards by overlapping result plots
    • Plot changes in spray density & spatial distribution on a graph
  • Pulsing spray measurement option with high-speed sampling (0.2 to 500 m/s)

Abundant lineup of options

  • Wide-Angle Spray (model 7140) or Standard Bench Top (model 7340)
  • Dry dispersion device
  • Wet dispersion device
  • Carriage Stand (Wide-Angle)
  • Computed Tomography Analysis (Profiler - model 7540)

Highly diverse aerosol measurement applications

  • Cosmetics, pigments, pharmaceuticals, & other sprays
  • Evaluation of humidifiers, inhalers, etc.
  • Gasoline engine atomized particle size measurement

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