Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezer

Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezer

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Kaltis Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezers

Operating Temperature

-86°C:Range -20°C to -86°C.

Refrigeration System

The air cooled refrigeration system has been designed to maintain a set temperature in elevated ambient temperature environments. The dual cascade refrigeration system, has two, 1HP, air-cooled compressors using CFC/HCFC-Free refrigerants. An extra large condenser with two aerodynamic axial fans provides increased air flow and heat expulsion. The down flow evaporator affords efficient refrigerant flow, oil return, and a longer compressor life. A washable condenser filter keeps fins dust-free, maintaining optimal cooling efficiency.

Control System

A keypad, multi-functional display, microprocessor control system provides easy access to all functions. The password protected security system for power, temperature & alarm settings ensures security. You can set independent operating temperatures and high/low limit alarm.

Use factory set for quick setup and system start. Settings allow temperature adjustments in steps of 1°C.

Electrical System

These freezers offer automatic voltage compensation for voltage fluctuations. Incoming line voltage is monitored and displayed. A built-in surge suppressor flattens incoming voltage spikes.

Solid state relays mean no moving parts in the compressor drive circuit and no spikes on start-up, protecting the microprocessor controller. Circuit breakers protect the compressor and power supply circuits. In case of power outage, a built in Automatic Delay Restart to ensures on line quality, decreases the power load, protecting the compressor.

Alarm System

An intelligent Self-Diagnosis system controller monitors system parameters and displays alarm status in real time. Audible and visual alarms alert you to: temperature changes, power failure, low back up battery voltage, and a door open. A continuously charged back-up battery provides full system function during power failure. Remote alarm contacts offer advanced protection. Monitoring and logging of temperature fluctuations, and a touch pad alarm test, function to test the alarm system (without opening the freezer door), to provide added protection.

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Featured Product

-86°C Prime Series Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (Upright)
MODEL No. Dimensions Capacity Weight
Interior(cm/inch) Exterior(cm/inch) L ft3 Kg Lb
GV039P / M
AV039P / M
DV039P / M
60 x 50 x 129 /
23.6 x 19.6 x 50.7
85 x 76 x 196 /
33.4 x 29.9 x 77.1
390 13.7 290 639
GV050P / M
AV050P / M
DV050P / M
60 x 64.5 x 129 /
23.6 x 25.3 x 50.7
85 x 91 x 196 /
33.4 x 35.8 x 77.1
499 17.6 320 705
GV061P / M
AV061P / M
DV061P / M
74 x 64.5 x 129 /
29.1 x 25.3 x 50.7
99 x 91 x 196 /
38.9 x 35.6 x 77.1
616 21.7 350 771
GV073P / M
AV073P / M
DV073P / M
88 x 64.5 x 129 /
34.6 x 25.3 x 50.7
113 x 91 x 196 /
44.4 x 35.8 x 77.1
732 25.8 380 838