Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezer

Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezer

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Kaltis Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezers

Operating Temperature

-86°C:Range -20°C to -86°C.

Refrigeration System

The air cooled refrigeration system has been designed to maintain a set temperature in elevated ambient temperature environments. The dual cascade refrigeration system, has two, 1HP, air-cooled compressors using CFC/HCFC-Free refrigerants. An extra large condenser with two aerodynamic axial fans provides increased air flow and heat expulsion. The down flow evaporator affords efficient refrigerant flow, oil return, and a longer compressor life. A washable condenser filter keeps fins dust-free, maintaining optimal cooling efficiency.

Control System

A keypad, multi-functional display, microprocessor control system provides easy access to all functions. The password protected security system for power, temperature & alarm settings ensures security. You can set independent operating temperatures and high/low limit alarm.

Use factory set for quick setup and system start. Settings allow temperature adjustments in steps of 1C.

Electrical System

These freezers offer automatic voltage compensation for voltage fluctuations. Incoming line voltage is monitored and displayed. A built-in surge suppressor flattens incoming voltage spikes.

Solid state relays mean no moving parts in the compressor drive circuit and no spikes on start-up, protecting the microprocessor controller. Circuit breakers protect the compressor and power supply circuits. In case of power outage, a built in Automatic Delay Restart to ensures on line quality, decreases the power load, protecting the compressor.

Alarm System

An intelligent Self-Diagnosis system controller monitors system parameters and displays alarm status in real time. Audible and visual alarms alert you to: temperature changes, power failure, low back up battery voltage, and a door open. A continuously charged back-up battery provides full system function during power failure. Remote alarm contacts offer advanced protection. Monitoring and logging of temperature fluctuations, and a touch pad alarm test, function to test the alarm system (without opening the freezer door), to provide added protection.

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Featured Product

-86°C Prime Series Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (Chest)
MODEL No. Dimensions Capacity Weight
Interior(cm/inch) Exterior(cm/inch) L ft3 Kg Lb
GH022P / M
AH022P / M
DH022P / M
61 X 50 X 72 /
24 X 19.7 X 28.3
126 X 75 X 102.5 /
49.6 X 29.5 X 40.1
220 7.8 210 462
GH032P / M
AH032P / M
DH032P / M
90 X 50 X 72 /
35.4 X 19.7 X 28.3
155 X 75 X 12.5
61 X 29.5 X 40.1
320 11.3 245 539
GH043P / M
AH043P / M
DH043P / M
118.5 X 50 X 72 /
46.7 X 19.7 X 28.3
183.5 X 75 X 102.5 /
72.2 X 29.5 X 40.1
430 15.2 280 616
GH053P / M
AH053P / M
DH053P / M
148 X 50 X 72 /
58.3 X 19.7 X 28.3
213 X 75 X 102.5 /
83.9 X 29.5 X 40.1
530 18.7 315 693