IMA Life Routine Freeze Dryer

Alpha 1-2 Routine Freeze Dryer

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IMA Life Laboratory Freeze Dryer--Routine Processes

Experience, expertise, adaptability and flexibility for all freeze-drying procedures.

Based on over 60 years experience, IMA Life offers a comprehensive range of products for both routine and specialized freeze-drying procedures. The diverse and laboratory-tested accessory line allows the basic unit to easily handle a variety of routine and advanced processes.

Guaranteed consistent results for routine freeze drying.

Routine processes place continual demands on the operating system. A high degree of consistent, user-friendly, intuitive technical functions and operational flexibility are expected features. The basic equipment of the Alpha and Beta series, combined with their specially developed operator interface "LDplus" (Lyo-Display), live up to the challenges of safe and successful freeze drying day after day.

Innovative Technology Gives Results

  • Compact, high-performance laboratory equipment requires little space.
  • The building-block principle allows procedural and capacity expansion with a far-reaching variety of accessories.
  • Ice condenser chambers with high-quality stainless steel inner condenser coils.
  • Easily accessible ice condenser, simple facilities for defrosting, cleaning and decontamination (GMP/GLP requirement), drain valve included.
  • Visual control of condenser icing during drying.
  • Low performance losses and no condensation of water, due to hight-quality thermal insulation of the ice condenser chamber.
  • Drying chamber located directly above the ice condenser provides high sublimation performance and reduced drying time.
  • Sample freezing in the ice condenser chamber from -25 ° C (single-stage compressors) to -50 ° C (Double-stage compressors) and gentle freeze drying.
  • Digital displayed ice condenser temperature and indirect determination of the product temperature corresponding to the vapour pressure curve above ice, vacuum control for optimization of process times (option).
  • Data interface RS232 optional, e.g. for process documentation software LyoLog LL-1.

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