IMA Life Pilot Freeze Dryer

Pilot Freeze Dryer

Pilot Freeze Dryer
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IMA Life Pilot Freeze Dryer


The EPSILON 2-10D LSC freeze dryer is a high performance universal laboratory and pilot unit for freeze drying of solid or liquid products in ampoules, vials, glass flasks, plasma bottles or dishes. All operations are possible inside the unit.

  • Pre-freezing of products on liquid-controlled shelves down to a shelf temperature of approximately -55 °C according to preselected desired time and temperature limits.
  • Freeze drying (sublimation) of products according to preselected desired time, temperature and pressure limits. Shelf temperature at the initial phase of the sublimation process is approximately -55 °C
  • Final drying of products with preselected desired time and temperature limits and high final vacuum to remove the capillary and molecular bounded water. Final vacuum is approximately 0.001 mbar (depending on pump performance)

The freeze dryer EPSILON 2-10D LSC is suitable for freeze drying of materials such as bacteria and virus cultures, blood plasma, serum fractions, antibodies, sera, vaccines, pharmaceutical products such as chloramphenicol, streptomycin, vitamins, ferments, plant extracts for biochemical test.

Double-Chamber System

  • Ice condenser directly behind the drying chamber.
  • Large cross-section between drying and ice condenser chamber.
  • Nearly no drop of pressure between both chambers.
  • Excellent drying rates for sensitive materials and products with low eutectic points or low collapse temperatures.
  • High efficiency and economic operation of the freeze dryer.
  • Application oriented process control system LSC (Lyo-Screen-Control) microprocessor based.
  • Minimized space requirements.

Design Requirements

  • Large shelf area: Max 6+1 shelves, 350 x 400 mm, shelf distance 45 mm, shelf area 0.84 m2.
  • Vial stoppering is easy and safe with hydraulic system.
  • Powerful shelf temperature control: liquid cooled and heated shelves, control range -55 to +60 °C (freezing and main drying), shelf temperature accuracy +/- 1K.
  • Defrosting without water: heat transfer medium is used via specially designed double-coil ice condenser.
  • Most efficient condenser design: volume 25 L, performance 8 kg/24H, temperature -85 °C, CFC free refrigerants.

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