IMA Life Advanced Freeze Dryer

Delta 1-24 / 2-24 Advanced Freeze Dryer

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IMA Life Laboratory Freeze Dryer--Advanced Processes

Highest Level Of Process Control And Reproducibility For Rapid, Safe Freeze Drying Of Your High Quality Product.

IMA Life supplies not only routine-process freeze dryers, but also a series of product-specific, highly specialized freeze dryers with far reaching potential. This line of equipment is distinguished by its innovative Lyo-Screen-Control (LSC) interface, its exceptional design and the most advanced level of refrigeration and vacuum technology. The freeze dryers are available with cylindrical drying chambers and, in the Epsilon range, with rectangular cross-section drying chambers.

A practical and diverse collection of accessories permits a wide range of tasks.

Outstanding Products, Superior Technology And Full Customer Support

Applying advanced processes to valuable products requires specific system configuration. We offer extensive advice in selecting a system and, on request, will run a freeze-drying test in our applications laboratory.

IMA Life's high-quality freeze dryers are equipped with a modern, intuitive interface known as the Lyo-Screen-Control (LSC). It allows for up to 30 different drying programs with even the smallest machine as well as for the connection to a PC for process documentation and process control.

The optimal system for advanced applications:

  • compact, high-performance laboratory and technical equipment requiring minimal space
  • modular systems permit capacity expansion with a wide variety of accessories
  • complete processing of entire freeze- drying cycle in ice condenser chamber, program controlled, if desired, from -30C (pre-freezing) with single-stage compressors, to -50C (pre-freezing) with double stage compressors
  • innovative, easy-to-use interface LSC with PC connection for process control and documentation
  • freeze-dryer system fulfills FDA and cGMP-Guidelines, interface fulfills the current requirements according to GAMP, Lyo-software LPC-16 also meets US CFR requirements
  • drying chamber is located directly above the ice condenser chamber; maximum cross-sectional area results in high sublimation performance and shortest possible process-time
  • ice condenser chamber with inner condenser coil of high quality steel allows for efficient vapour deposition
  • thermal insulation of ice condenser chamber avoids power loss and eliminates build-up of water condensation
  • Ice condenser can be checked visually
  • easily accessible ice condenser; rapid, easy defrosting and cleaning (electrical or hot- gas defrosting available); mechanical or electric defrosting drain
  • chemically resistant systems for freeze drying solvents (e.g. DMSO, Acetonitrile, Tert-Butanol, Dioxane) are available
  • Windows-based software LPC-16 (Lyophilization Process Control) for PC process control and documentation available with all systems
  • simple alternative process documentation using IMA Life printer or Lyolog LL-1 software
  • when required, system qualification (IQ/OQ documentation) for validation purposes

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