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IMA Life North America is based in Tonawanda, NY, USA, and offers the best in freeze-drying technology, including: industrial, pilot and laboratory freeze dryers.

The company includes the business of the former BOC Edwards Group, acquired by IMA in 2008. BOC Edwards has been supplying pharmaceutical process equipment for more than 50 years.

Today IMA Life is widely recognized as the world leader in freeze drying solutions.

IMA Life Routine Freeze Dryer

IMA Life Laboratory Freeze Dryers--Routine Processes

IMA Life offers a variety of Routine Freeze Dryers, with a wide range of configurations to meet your specific freeze drying needs.

Routine processes place continual demands on the operating system. A high degree of consistent, user-friendly, intuitive technical functions and operational flexibility are expected features. The basic equipment of the Alpha and Beta series, combined with their specially developed operator interface "LDplus" (Lyo-Display), live up to the challenges of safe and successful freeze drying day after day.

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IMA Life Advanced Freeze Dryer

IMA Life Laboratory Freeze Dryer--Advanced Processes

IMA Life supplies not only routine-process freeze dryers, but also a series of product-specific, highly specialized freeze dryers with far reaching potential. This line of equipment is distinguished by its innovative Lyo-Screen-Control (LSC) interface, its exceptional design and the most advanced level of refrigeration and vacuum technology. The freeze dryers are available with cylindrical drying chambers and, in the Epsilon range, with rectangular cross-section drying chambers.

A practical and diverse collection of accessories permits a wide range of tasks.

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IMA Life Pilot Freeze Dryer

IMA Life Pilot Freeze Dryer--EPSILON 2-10D LSC

The freeze dryer EPSILON 2-10D LSC is a high performance universal laboratory and pilot unit for freeze drying of solid or liquid products in ampoules, vials, glass flasks, plasma bottles or dishes.

The freeze dryer EPSILON 2-10D LSC is suitable for freeze drying of materials such as bacteria and virus cultures, blood plasma, serum fractions, antibodies, sera, vaccines, pharmaceutical products such as chloramphenicol, streptomycin, vitamins, ferments, plant extracts for biochemical test.

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