UniFlow Conventional/VAV Fume Hoods

UniFlow Conventional/VAV Fume Hoods

UniFlow Conventional/VAV Fume Hood Data Sheet
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UniFlow Conventional/VAV Fume Hoods

The conventional fume hood maintains constant air volume through sash opening. Equipped with optional VAV system, face velocity can be controlled to meet specific requirements.

UniFlow Conventional Fume Hoods

Maintain constant air exhaust volume at different sash openings while the face velocity varies at each sash opening. Closing the sash increases the the speed of incoming air, thus increasing face velocity.

VAV System Ensures Sufficient Airflow

The optional Variable Air Volume Control System constantly monitors face velocity and adjusts to a pre-set level regardless of sash position, ensuring sufficient air flow and maintaining volume to contain fumes even at the near-closed sash positions. This system protects laboratory workers and reduces energy costs.

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