UniFlow Clean Aire I Fume Hoods

UniFlow Clean Aire I Fume Hoods

UniFlow Clean Aire I Fume Hood Data Sheet
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UniFlow Clean Aire I Fume Hoods

The UniFlow Clean Aire I Hoods are available in 48”, 60”, 72” and 96” models incorporated with filtration systems to control exhaust emissions.

UniFlow Clean Aire Hoods feature a factory installed filter housing that can be equipped with either HEPA and/or carbon filters to help meet environmental concerns and regulations according to the Clean Air Act. Contaminants are then filtered prior to exhausting to the outside, therefore reducing pollution and avoiding the risk of contaminants re-entering the building through the air supply system. Since the filter housing is located on the fume hood, monitoring and maintaining the filters is convenient. Carbon and HEPA filters are available to suit your specific particulate or gas/vapor removal requirements.

UniFlow Clean Aire Hoods can function as a Class 1 ductless hood for selected contaminants and procedures. Specifically, non-hazardous low volume chemical fumes and noxious odours can be effectively absorbed by a carbon filters or particulate collected by a HEPA filter. The airflow can then be safely discharged back into the laboratory space.

Depending on the process and contaminants, the filtration system can be designed to incorporate a combination of carbon and HEPA modules.

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