UniFlow CE Fume Hoods

UniFlow CE Fume Hoods

UniFlow CE Fume Hoods Data Sheet
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UniFlow CE Fume Hoods

These models are a low flow constant volume, LCV type fume hood that requires no VAV controls, no motorized baffles, no costly auxiliary air system and no special integral supply fans. These units can save 50% or more in costly exhaust volume typically required to operate a conventional fume hood. The CE series accomplishes this superior containment performance through engineering and manufacturing features incorporated into the HEMCO line of Uniflow Laboratory Fume Hoods.

Compact Design Saves Space and Energy

  • UniFlow Superstructure: Exclusive unitized composite construction for superior chemical resistance, strength, and durability.
  • Access Panel: Easily removed for access to electrical, plumbing and control services.
  • AirFlow Monitor: Continuously monitors face velocity airflow of fume hood.
  • Fume Chamber: Moulded one piece with all corners coved. Surface is glass smooth for ease of cleaning and excellent light reflectivity.
  • Extended Viewing Height: Full 26.5 inches height allows unobstructed vision into fume chamber.
  • Vertical Moving Sash: Made of 3/16 inches tempered safety glass with chemical resistant PVC framing and track. Counter balanced for ease of movement.
  • VaraFlow Baffle System: Maintains uniform airflow through fume chamber.
  • Safety Sash Stop: Limits sash opening to designed working height providing user protection and energy savings.
  • Service Fixtures: Color coded to specific service and mounted on right or left side. Electrical services also available.
  • Angled Picture Frame Opening: Efficient air entry into fume chamber.
  • Air Foil: Ergonomic aerodynamic design allows air to sweep across the work surface and maintain uniform airflow.
  • Work surface: Chemical resistant composite construction 1.25 inches thick, work area is dished to contain spills.
  • Base Cabinet: Available in standard base, acid storage and base tables.

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