UniFlow Auxiliary-Air Fume Hoods

UniFlow Auxiliary-Air Fume Hood

UniFlow Auxiliary-Air Fume Hoods Data Sheet
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UniFlow Auxiliary-Air Fume Hoods

The Auxiliary-Air Fume Hood reduces the loss of expensive tempered air from the laboratory. Ideal for laboratories with inadequate make-up air supply.

Auxiliary-Air Fume Hoods come in 48”, 60”, 72” and 96” widths. A supply air solution for many labs that have insufficient room airflow. Equipped with auxiliary air plenum to induce added airflow to face opening of hood. Supply air ducting and remote blower is required. Equipped with vapor proof-light and switch. All electrical components and services are UL and CSA listed. Optional hood accessories and hood ventilation systems are available.

Auxiliary-Air Fume Hoods

Recommended when there is insufficient air available in the lab to support the volume of air required to maintain a desired face velocity. Auxiliary-Air Hoods have a supply plenum to which ducting connects to a supply blower. Depending on the size of the hood and the length of supply duct, a collection of fans are shown on page 9.

Energy Efficient

In addition to supplementing air to fume hoods when there is less than sufficient air available in the lab, Auxiliary Air fume hoods reduce the amount of expensive air-conditioned or heated air that exhausted to the outside. Between 50% to 70% of the exhaust can be supplied from outside the lab.

Cost Effective

When there is a shortage of air in the lab, it is less costly to provide an Auxiliary Air fume hood system than to change or enlarge the whole building air handling system. The make-up air can be efficiently brought directly to the point of use fume hood.

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