Powder Sampling

Powder Sampling

Powder Sampling Data Sheet
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GlobePharma Powder Sampling

Unit-Dose Powder Samplers (Patented)

GlobePharma powder samplers are made with interchangeable dies for unit-dose sampling and are available in different diameters, lengths and models. Made of 316 stainless steel, these samplers are available with one sample port or multiple sample ports for simultaneous sampling at several locations. Any number of sample ports may be blocked with blank dies. Single, duplicate or triplicate sampling at each sample port is possible. Duplicate and triplicate samples are obtained from exactly the same spot at each sample port with just one insertion of the sampler into the powder bed.

Segmented samplers are available to facilitate sampling from large blenders with roof height limitation. The stainless steel inner shaft is hollow (except in Model IB and 1BB) to make the sampler lighter. Inner shafts, custom-made of Delrin or Teflon - (FDA approved white plastics), are available. The samplers are passivated and easily cleanable with a removable conical end piece. Some sizes of standard models are stock items. Others are custom-made and have longer lead times.

New Unit-Dose Powder Sampling Technique (Patented)

Samples are taken from powder blends to test for content uniformity before further processing, such as tableting or encapsulation. The integrity of the sampling technique is critical in order to ensure the accuracy of the test results. Unit-dose sampling has been proven to improve the accuracy of content uniformity results. However, there is still room for sampling error in unit-dose sampling if the samples are submitted to the laboratory in powder form.

The new Unit-dose Powder Sampling Technique further reduces the sampling error by combining unit-dose sampling with compaction of the powder sample into a real tablet in the sample die itself. Compaction of the powder samples into tablets may reduce the sampling error because the samples are in compacted form, and handling of the loose powder samples by the operator or the analyst is completely eliminated. Indeed, several major pharmaceutical companies have already successfully utilized this technique in situations where the blend samples were failing the content uniformity test while the tablets compressed from the same blends were passing the test. This technique is strongly recommended especially when you have a low dose directly compressible formulation. Why wait until you have a problem?

This technique requires GlobePharma's Unit-dose Samplers, Split Sample Dies and Manual Tablet Compaction Machine (MTCM-II or MTCM-I).

Bulk Powder Samplers

Bulk powder samplers are available in different diameters, with or without removable partitions. The removable partitions offer the advantage of providing separate top, middle, and bottom samples, while making it easier to clean the sampler to GMP standards. These samplers are made of either 316 SS or FDA approved Nylon. The conical end piece is removable for ease of cleaning. Stock samplers are 3ft long with 3 sample ports. Custom-made samplers are available on special orders.

Sampling Accessories:

  • PVC Storage Tube: Available in different lengths for storage of the samplers when not being used. These tubes protect the samplers from being damaged.
  • Brush Kit: Two Nylon brushes with long PVC handles to clean the outer and the inner tubes of the samplers.
  • Die Retrieval Tool: Made of PVC, this tool is required to be able to retrieve the dies from the sampler.
  • Loose Handle: Made of 316 SS, it is required with any segmented design sampler to be able to use the lower segment as an independent sampler.
  • Conical End Piece: Spare end piece for samplers. Available for all relevant models.
  • Capsule Ejection Tool for Stream Sampler (Model V-A): Made of PVC, this tool is required to push the capsules up from the cavities in the sample collecting disc.
  • Stand: Made of PVC, available in 10", 22" and 42" lengths. The stand holds the outer tube and inner tube separately. It is a required item with the improved design of the sampler to be able to retrieve the dies from the sampler.

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