Custon Design/Build

Custom Design/Build

Flow Sciences Custom Design/Build Data Sheet
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Custom Design/Build

Flow Sciences has been engineering custom containment for the pharmaceutical and research industries. Their dedicated team of design engineers can customize based on the you OEL levels and process requirements.

The procedure for custom engineered enclosures is very thorough. Flow Sciences’ engineering team evaluates each process or product that is being enclosed and strives to understand the containment issues at hand and then designs a system to meet those requirements

Betatek will guide you through every phase of the custom order process:

  • Custom Order Request Form
  • Engineering and Design
  • Production
  • Installation

The first step of the custom enclosure process is to fill out the Custom Order Request Form. Upon receipt of this form, a Betatek Representative will contact you to review the requirements for containment. In some instances, an onsite visit may be necessary. The Sales Representative will then generate a Custom Quote Form with the collected data for evaluation by the Flow Sciences Engineering and Design staff.

Engineering And Design Support

Flow Sciences' skilled team of engineering and design professionals thoroughly evaluate each custom enclosure request. A containment system is designed and a preliminary dimensional drawing is generated. Your Betatek Representatives work directly with the manufacturer of the product being enclosed to ensure all aspects of the design meet your requirements.


After your approval, the designs are sent to Flow Sceinces' production facility where experienced technicians begin the manufacturing process. A cardboard mock-up of the custom enclosure can be created if you deem it necessary. Each unit undergoes strict quality control to ensure that all units that leave the Flow Sciences plant are of the highest standard.


Flow Sciences provides free installation support via phone Monday through Friday, 8-5 EST, and onsite installation can be arranged. If onsite installation is required, please advise your Betatek Representative before a quote is generated.

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