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Flow Sciences' mission is to provide containment systems for laboratory, pilot plant and manufacturing areas. The products are designed to protect operators from exposure to airborne particulates and vapours while performing a wide range of operations.

Flow Sciences, Inc. is focused on achieving the following goals for all of its enclosures:

The Flow Sciences' team, with over thirty years experience in laboratory containment, is committed to finding containment solutions that meet your needs.

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Bench Top/Scale Up

Bench Top/Scale Up

Flow Sciences manufactures an extensive range of bench top enclosures for bench top/scale up applications, including such diverse applications as:

  • Safety Enclosures for Balances
  • HEPA Filtered Enclosures for Weighing
  • Bag In/Bag Out Applications
  • Pharmacy Work Stations
  • Mail Processing

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Pilot Plant

Pilot Plant/Manufacturing

Flow Sciences has developed specialty containment enclosures for powders being handled in the Pilot Plant and Manufacturing facilities. Their exceptional quality and high levels of containment span many different applications and processes, including:

  • Process Solutions
  • Bulk Powder
  • Bag In/Bag Out
  • Bulk Powder/Chemical Transfer

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Laboratory Animal Research

Laboratory Animal Research

Flow Sciences' Vented Containment Workstations for Laboratory Animal Research, provides a safe contained working environment for a variety of standard bench-focused lab procedures. The increased angle at the front of the Workstation allows close-up work without sacrificing safety or comfort. Each workstation offers multiple user options and tremendous laboratory flexibility.

  • Vented Workstations
  • Microscope Workstations
  • Anesthetic Workstations

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Laboratory Automentation

Laboratory Automation/Robotic Equipment

Flow Sciences, Inc. leads the lab automation and robotics market with developing containment enclosures to provide both product and personnel protection. Negative pressure provide a turbulent free environment with clean air to protect robotic and powder processing equipment.

  • Personnel Protection Enclosures (Vented Robotic Enclosure)
  • Product Protection Enclosures (Clean Environment For Lab Automation (CELA))
  • Dual Protection Enclosures

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Flowsciences THCE

Contained Environments

Flow Sciences Contained Environments

Flow Sciences, Inc. introduces a new series of products to provide tools for process engineers in the powder handling markets. These products are ideal for the pharmaceutical and the emerging nanotechnology industry to provide environments which allow work to be done where temperature, humidity, aseptic working conditions, and personnel protection are required.

The series is comprised of three different lines of products that can be separately purchased or can be utilized together to provide the proper combination to achieve the process goal.

  • THCE - Temperature and Humidity Contained Environments
  • CACE - Controlled Atmosphere Contained Environments
  • VACE - Vented Atmosphere Contained Environments

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Flowsciences Stainless Steel
		Enclosure For Carbon Nanotubes

Nanotechnology Hoods

Nanotechnology is a dynamic science producing new materials and products with extraordinary functional properties in of medicine, energy, aeronautics, and the environment. However, there is little regulation governing this science , specifically with regard to personal and environmental exposure risks.

Nanoparticles exhibit different and varying levels of toxicity, chemical, and physical properities in comparison to their macroscale. For these reasons alone the researchers must protect their breathing zones and implement sound risk assessment and risk management strategy by investing in containment instrumentation.

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Specialty Hoods

Specialty Hoods

Flow Sciences manufactures an extensive range of Specialty Hoods, custom designed for a wide variety of specific applications, including:

  • Polypropylene Enclosures
  • Personnel Protection
  • Product Protection
  • Personnel and Product Protection Enclosures
  • Instrument Specific Solutions
  • Multi-Use Enclosures
  • All Clear Vented Safety Enclosures

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Custom Design/Build

Custom Design/Build

Flow Sciences has been engineering custom containment for the pharmaceutical and research industries. Our dedicated team of design engineers can customize based on the client's OEL levels and process requirements.

The procedure for custom engineered enclosures is very thorough. Flow Sciences' engineering team evaluates each process or product that is being enclosed and strives to understand the containment issues at hand and then designs a system to meet those requirements

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Service Technician

Service and Proper Usage Videos

We are pleased to offer a series of videos to assist you with the use and service of your Flow Sciences enclosure. The series includes:

  • Proper Use Procedures (Do's and Don'ts)
  • Fan Filter Installation
  • Field Reversal of Plenum
  • Waste Chute Bag Change
  • Nitrogen Purge Enclosures
  • Recommended Cleaning Protocol                                                                                                                                                                

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