EMS-8 Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

EMS-8 Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

Sieve Shaker Data Sheet
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Electrolab Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

The EMS-8 is a microcontroller based electromagnetic sieve shaker. The movement produced is tridimensional, combining a vertical movement with a rotation of the material to be sifted on the surface of the sieve.

The instrument is powered by an electromagnetic drive which has no rotating parts, making it maintenance free and extremely quiet in operation. The vibratory action produced by the power unit moves the sample all over the sieve in a unique way producing faster, more efficient sieving, while the rapid vertical movements also help to keep the apertures free from blocking.

The EMS-8 is very suitable for sieving of high density products and for dry and wet sieving analysis. The unit has been designed for user friendly operation and supports a menu driven 16 x 2 character LCD display. The unit is robustly built and can be used in laboratories or at site. It is compact and portable.

The EMS-8 is ideally used as a particle profile / size analyzer for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries by governing the separation of particles according to their sizes. Particle size is one of the most important properties of any solid material and the EMS-8 is engineered for quick and accurate particle analysis. The instrument can handle pharmaceutical powders and granules as well as chemical processing materials, dyes, chemicals and is also used by the food processing industry. It is also used to test sand, cement and gravel.

The sieve shakers microcontroller is used to set both the process time and the amplitude setting. The unit has 15 levels of amplitude up to a maximum of 2 mm as recommended by USP. The top plate of the Sieve Shaker has clearly marked calibrated lines to aid visual inspection of the amplitude.

The unit has 2 modes of operation Continuous and Intermittent. Intermittent operation helps to clear blocked apertures. The EMS-8 Sieve Shaker offers total flexibility enabling optimum settings to be established for virtually any material under test.

The unit is compact and is used in laboratories. The instrument is fitted with a special clamping device that ensures that the sieves are held firmly and allows them to be quickly removed and replaced. Non-metallic springs and anti-vibration mountings are fitted to isolate vibrations from work surfaces and reduce noise levels.

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