ED-2L Disintegration Tester

ED-2L Disintegration Tester

Tablet Disintegration Tester Data Sheet
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Electrolab Disintegration Testers

The increasingly sensitive and demanding needs made by the pharmaceutical industry for better and more sophisticated disintegration systems have resulted in a virtual re-invention of the process. Electrolabs ED-2 SAPO is the answer to the pharmaceutical sectors increasing needs for disintegration testing.

Electrolabs microprocessor based ED-2 SAPO (Semi Automatic Park Out) is a cost effective instrument used for testing the disintegration time of tablets, capsules and other solid dosage forms. The instrument has a small footprint and complies with USP, EP and IP requirements.

The ED-2 SAPO is a dual station instrument with individual camless drives and timers. These unique linear drives produce a sinusoidal (jerk-free) motion to comply with USP requirements. The drive is vibration free in movement and silent in operation. Special curtains are provided to keep the drive dust free.

The bath is one piece moulded and is crevice free. A simple flip top cover which can be locked in the top position ensures an easy removal of the bath. It is illuminated from the bottom with soothing, white LEDs to aid better observation of the disintegration process.

The advanced microcontroller along with the PT 100 sensor and a stirrer in the bath ensures uniform temperature and a control accuracy of within 0.2C. The temperature can be set in the range of 30 to 40C. No routine temperature calibrations are required since the system autocalibrates itself.

The thin mobile temperature probes are placed in the beaker to monitor and validate the beaker temperature and start the test when the set temperature has been reached. The probes are designed to match the beaker profile and prevent interference with the basket movement.

A PC keyboard interface is provided for ease of entering alphanumeric data like user name, product name, batch nos., lot nos., media and set parameters. All such data for up to 10 products can be stored and retained to save time.

The ED - 2 SAPO complies with cGMP guidelines.


  • Disintegration time registration of each tablet
  • USP / EP / IP compliant
  • Unique camless drive
  • Dual station with individual drive and timer
  • Magnetic coupling to the moving arm allows quick, easy and safe basket handling
  • Moulded water bath with flip top cover
  • Built-in stirrer for precise temperature control in the water bath
  • Specially designed temperature probes for continuous monitoring of temperature in both the beakers
  • Illumination of tablets for better visibility of the disintegration process
  • PC keyboard interface provided for ease of entering product data
  • Print report of tablet disintegration time and online validation of strokes/minute with temperature as per cGMP

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