Distek/Waters On-Line HPLC Dissolution System

Distek/Waters On-Line HPLC Dissolution System

Distek DF-3 Data Sheet
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Distek/Waters On-Line HPLC Dissolution System

Distek and Waters have joined forces to offer a superior on-line HPLC Dissolution System combining the strengths of the two companies into one fully integrated package. On the front-end is any one of three Distek dissolution systems, the Evolution 6100, Evolution 6300, or Model 2100C. The back-end automation is the highly productive and fully automated Waters Alliance 2695D Dissolution HPLC.

This system is designed specifically for Dissolution analysis using the Waters Transfer Module (WTW) and the 2695D Separations Module to run dissolution methods. The WTW can recycle the unused media, replace media removed for sample collection, and perform rapid sampling from a single bath at intervals as short as every two minutes.

  • Waters Dissolution Software automatically performs all dissolution calculations online without the need for an external spreadsheet.
  • The 2695D can control and sample from up to two dissolution baths as well as operate in a stand-alone mode as a conventional HPLC without the need for re-configuration.
  • Dissolution software automates the entire dissolution, sample analysis, and reporting process. The built-in relational database gives you the power to organize, store, and retrieve data quickly and easily with full 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

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