Distek/Thermo Dissolution Test System

Distek/Waters On-Line HPLC Dissolution System

Distek/Thermo Dissolution Test System Data Sheet
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Distek/Thermo Dissolution Test System

The Distek/Thermo dissolutions test systems perform online dissolution testing according to the requirements of USP, BP, EP and JP. The systems have been designed to automate dissolution testing and analysis procedures thereby eliminating potential errors from manual sampling and off-line analysis. The Thermo Evolution Array UV-Vis Spectrophotometer can work with anyone of three Distek dissolution systems, the Evolution 6100, Evolution 6300, or Model 2100C.

The basic system consists of a) a dissolution tester to dissolve tablets at constant temperature and rotational speed, b) a diode-array spectrophotometer to acquire dissolved sample spectra, and c) a PC-based data system for integrated control and report generation.

Multi-cell DT system

A peristaltic pump transfers samples from the 8 dissolution vessels to each of 8 independent flow- cells. Samples are analyzed and then returned to the vessels,

  • No loss of media during run
  • No cross-contamination effects

Fast Measurement

Scinco LabPro Plus S/W for Dissolution Test can calculate the Dissolution results ( % Dissolved) in real-time and report it based on different options.

Dissolution SIW allows you to set values for all relevant test parameters ( Stirring speed, Stirring time, Temperature, Pump parameters, Vessel parameter, Sampling interval, etc,)

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