Distek OPT DIS 405 Fiber Optic UV Dissolution Testing Dissolution Apparatus

Distek Opt-Dis 405 In-Situ Fiber Optic UV Testing

Distek Opt-Dis 405 Data Sheet
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Distek Opt-Dis 405 In-Situ Fiber Optic UV Testing

Improved precision and accuracy of test measurements, the elimination for the need of sampling and the near real time results are just three of the benefits of the Opt-Diss 405 Fiber Optic In-Situ UV for dissolution testing. This latest advancement in dissolution sample 20 analysis reduces setup times while offering the flexibility to increase and vary the number of 10 data points taken along a dissolution profile.

In-Situ UV Measurements

Moves the analytical measurement into the vessel, eliminating sampling errors and media loss calculations.

Horizontal Pathlength

Transmits light across a horizontal pathlength without the need for mirrors or prisms and minimizes the potential for trapping air bubbles and build up of particles found with dip type probes with vertical pathlengths.

Resident Stationary ARCH Probes

Eliminates the need for a raising and lowering sampling manifold.

Rapid Spectra Collection

Increased dissolution accuracy and improved quality of profile analysis through simultaneous data collection from 6-12 vessels in as fast as every 5 seconds.

Universal Interface

Allows the Opt-Diss 405 to be used on most dissolution systems without the need for additional hardware.

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