Distek LabEye Digital Video System

Distek LabEye Digital Video System

Distek LabEye Data Sheet
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Distek LabEye Digital Video System

Designed specifically for laboratory use, the LabEye is a ready-to-implement multi-camera system performing visual process monitoring, chronicling research in HD clarity and providing automation troubleshooting. Engineered by Two Square Science this collaborative effort between Distek, Two Square Science and Industry leaders offers a welcome and needed addition to any laboratory that looks to streamline pharmaceutical testing in both research and development and quality environments.

Lab Ready Cameras

Capturing images in true HD, the LabEye cameras record 30 fps at 1080p resolution.

Direct to Digital, HD Resolution

Take snapshots at a high frame rate with HD resolution and watch live or save video for later playback.


Timed snapshot and video recorded events can be scheduled and created in the control software then sent to the command center which will start processing the schedule immediately.

Standard Mounting System

Equipped with a standard mount system for popular dissolution systems and other analytical devices.


Scalable from 1-8 cameras.

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