CLiMET CI-95 Data Sheet
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CI-95 Microbial Air Sampler

NEW! Instrument Calibrations now available in Canada to reduce downtime.

Inexpensive operation designed to use industry standard 90 mm petri dish.

The 100 liter per minute CI-95 performs a 1 cubic meter sample in 10 minutes (EU GMP Annex 1)

Key Features/Benefits

  • Seamless Stainless Steel Enclosure.
  • Filtered Exhaust.
  • Sample Air Optimized with Automatic Flow Control.
  • Designed for Industry Standard 90mm Petri Dishes.
  • Battery provides 8 hours continuous sampling.
  • Very Small Footprint.
  • Designed to Eliminate Particle Emissions.

Designed to Minimize Particle Emissions

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