CLiMET CI-3100

CLiMET CI-3100

CLiMET CI-3100 Data Sheet
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CLiMET CI-3100 Remote Particle Counter with Ethernet Option

NEW! Instrument Calibrations now available in Canada to reduce downtime.

The CLiMET CI-3100 is a remote sensor with an internal vacuum pump, that counts 0.5 and 5 micron particles at 1 CFM. It is easy to install and validate.

The CI-3100 brings ease of use to continuous monitoring. This unit meets or exceeds ISO 21501-4.

Key Features/Benefits

  • The Ethernet Modbus OPT ushers in a new era for Continuous Monitoring. CLiMET has successfully transferred the ease of use of our portable products to continuous monitoring..
  • Dramatically simplifies installation and validation for remote particle counting sensors..
  • Requires only power cord and CAT 5e patch cable to connect easily to your company network..
  • Remote particle counter with internal vacuum pump. .
  • Continuously counts particles from a fixed position..
  • Measures the essential two channels ~ 0.5 and 5 microns at 1 cubic foot per minute.
  • Rugged stainless steel enclosure.
  • Small Footprint (Smallest and lightest self contained remote sensor on the market).
  • Connects easily to current network infrastructure.
  • Data Transfer via Ethernet Modbus.
  • View Only Data via TCP/IP.
  • Built-in website with individual web address.
  • Choice of 3 web pages.
  • Operations Data easily viewed using web browser.
  • Operational Features.
  • + Latch Count or Rolling Count option.
  • + Forced Count feature simplifies validation.
  • Optional validation software to simplify validation process.

Remote Particle Sensors

The Climet CI-3100 series remote particle sensors detect microscopic particles in controlled environments and critical processes. CI-3100 remote sensors are available with flow rates of 1.0 CFM. Minimum sensitivity of 0.5 m. Power may be supplied from a local 24 volt DC source or a standard AC line. Many choices are available for outputs such as RS-232, RS-485, or 4-20 ma proportional to count. Sensors may operate from house vacuum or they may be ordered with self-contained vacuum pumps at 1 CFM.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Easy to clean stainless steel enclosure.
  • Ability to connect to a variety of data logging or standard environmental monitoring systems.
  • Enables particle counting data to be collected using standard 4-20 ma input PLC's.
  • Available with built-in vacuum pump.
  • Choose from a variety of signal outputs.
  • Built-in flow rate sensor available for fail-safe operation.
  • Laser status continuously monitored.
  • Choice of internal built-in pump or user supplied vacuum source.
  • Withstands wash-down activities in the cleanroom.
  • Modifications and specials will be considered.

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