Calibration Services

Regulatory requirements or in-house Standard Operation Procedures frequently call for instrument calibration. Betatek has the expertise and the traceable tools to perform the calibration of a wide range of laboratory and pharmaceutical instruments.

We are an official service agent for Flow Sciences Containment Stations. We can recalibrate both the air flow and safety alarms to maintain the effectiveness of these enclosures to protect your personnel and/or product.

One of our other areas of expertise is the calibration of Stability Chambers and Rooms. We can ensure that both the temperature and humidity probes are calibrated and functioning within tolerance, as well as perform a multiprobe chamber mapping to verify temperature uniformity.

NEW! We offer calibration for CLiMET particle counters, RIGHT HERE IN CANADA to reduce downtime. We also offer claibration of particle counters from several other manufacturers. Contact us HERE to discuss your needs.

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