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Caframo has been in the overhead stirrer manufacturing business for over forty years. Brushless DC motors, metal housings, digital displays and a wide range of electropolished accessories give scientists the confidence they are using reliable, high quality, maintenance free, and easy to use laboratory stirrers and accessories.

The overhead stirrer and accessory line has been developed to make the life of a technician easier in the lab. These products greatly increase daily productivity and give repeatable results every time they are used.

Caframo High Torque Overhead Stirrer

High Torque Overhead Stirrers

Caframo’s high torque stirrers are designed and engineered specifically to meet the continuous demands of heavy industrial use. The heart of the BDC line is the high performance Brushless Direct Current (BDC) motor.

A unique two speed transmission provides incredible amounts of power.

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Caframo Compact Overhead Stirrers

Compact Overhead Stirrers

Caframo's line of compact stirrers fit into any area of the laboratory including a fume hood or enclosed work station.

These light weight stirreres are ideal for reactions, R&D samples, dissolutions, and dilutions.

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Caframo Accessories


The correct impeller is a critical component of any mixer system. Caframo offers a wide selection of impellers, shafts, stands, and clamps, to ensure that you will have a complete, effective and versatile mixing system

For successful mixing choose a mixing impeller or paddle that is one third the diameter of the mixing vessel and fits with the volume and viscosity of product being mixed.

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